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    Chinese hot and sour soup 28 Mar 2021

    Homemade takeout classic

    RIP chitchat 11 Mar 2021

    I've just read an interesting article about how chitchat was killed when our lives became mostly-digital in the past year

    Pictures: Dobogókő 13 Feb 2021

    Photos taken at Dobogoko, Pilisszentkereszt, Hungary

    Your hiring process is obsolete 03 Jun 2020

    I’ve recently came across an interesting post on LinkedIn. It’s about a recruiter having interviewed 30 candidates without finding any good fits. Of course, the comment section is mixed as usual, some blame the recruiter for being a perfectionist, others claim you should never lower your standards. I’m not here to render judgment, but the discussion got me thinking: why do we even stick to the usual interview setup?

    Your Mac’s desktop is full of stuff? 13 May 2020

    MacOS speedup tip for people who keep everything on their Desktop

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