About me

Hi, my name is Máté. If you’re not sure, pronounce it as “mate”.

During the day I’m a Service Delivery Manager at Microsoft. If your company has a top-tier support contract or if you are working with Microsoft on your next world-shaking project, you might bump into me.

When not working on that, I focus on the point where the digital world and reality is intertwined. AI, robotics, cloud, and so much more — but most importantly, the social and behavioural changes that such technologies introduce. I’m passionate about helping others unlock their capabilities, so feel free to start a conversation about learning & development.


I had the opportunity to work with some pretty smart people, as seen below.

Liberty Global

Mediation of business requirements between high-level management, functional areas and development teams.

Change management and user education after large projects.

PwCIT & management consulting after merger between two market-leading classifieds company.


Change management workshops to increase employee awareness about digitalization.

Standardization efforts of core business processes.

Ramp up program for new employees and keynotes on university recruitment events.

CIDEnd to end management of member onboarding: recruitment, ramp up, mentoring program, graduation, etc.

VAR Kft.

Introducing conversation-as-a-service and chat bots to STEM high school students. (Thanks to VAR for organizing the event!)

If you’re interested in my work, please do not hesitate to contact me.