RIP chitchat 11 Mar 2021

I’ve just read an interesting article about how chitchat (among other psychological necessities) was pretty much obliterated in the past year when everything became virtual and trendy.

Of course, in the first few weeks I was really excited that I don’t have to go to the office, not being stuck in traffic, not having to juggle with your home-office days, etc.

Well, how the turntables...

I genuinely miss

  • waking up early
  • getting stuck in traffic, listening to a podcast
  • the open office (nope, that’s not sarcasm)
  • low-quality free coffee
  • high-quality paid-for coffee
  • standing on the roof of the office, drinking said coffee with your colleagues
  • secondhand smoking

I’m not going to write an article about the psychological aspects of working remotely, there’s plenty of material on that. I’m just ranting now. Also, turn on your webcams on meetings, talking to small black rectangles is disturbing.

PS the LinkedIn post is actually worth reading, go for it.

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