Industry 4.1 23 Apr 2020

The term “Industry 4.0” has been coined quite some time ago, it’s getting more and more popular since mid-2014. Although I’m a fan of the idea of digitalization and transforming how we work, I’ve always been a bit sceptical about what exactly digitalization is in the first place.

Industry 4.0 popularity

Now there’s obviously a lot of exceptions to this, but most of the digitalization project that are being showcased usually lacks the actual transformative impact.

Consider this: when you do your taxes, you fill out a paper form, send it to the appropriate government office where a clerk processes it. If you replace the paper form with an electronic form of the same nature, and the form is delivered online to the same clerk, then it’s definitely not digitalization – at least in a way digitalization should be.

While COVID-19 may have a huge negative impact on our society, economy and more, there’s a definite advantage to it: it forces us to reconsider how we get things done.

We are standing on the precipice of a big change about how we organize work, people and life itself.

And that is the true industry 4.0 we’ve been all waiting for in the past decade or so. We only have to make sure we do not forget what we learn.

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