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Do not try them at home.

Title Company Product Notes Added On
Pre-Installed Keylogger Found On Over 460 HP Laptop Models HP various laptop models Help! I’ve accidently left a keylogger in my devices. Again. 12 December 2017
macOS login screen focus Apple macOS 10.13.1 Password field not in focus, input is captured by Slack and sent to others upon pressing Enter, instead of logging in. 10 December 2017
Major data leak in Stanford Business School Stanford Business School n/a Digital chief of Stanford Business School steps down after fallout from major data breach. Turns out school doesn’t award its need-based grants the way it always said it did. 14 TBs of data was leaked. 07 December 2017
Ai.type keyboard app leaks personal data Ai.type Ai.type The emails, phone numbers, and locations of 31 million users of Android keyboard app Ai.type have been compromised. Apparently, it would be wise to password-protect the production database. 07 December 2017
Here’s What We Know About the Chromebook Internet Outage Google Chromebook Wifi policy update pushed by Google causes managed Chromebooks to forget networking settings. Reboot & manually join a WiFi network or connect via ethernet to receive a policy update. 06 December 2017