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The right to be forgotten

GDPR will be the next big thing in protecting your privacy, while also making companies’ life miserable every now and then. Apparently, the right to be forgotten (RTBF) is a thing now, and the majority of employees actually wants exercise it.

RTBF in a nutshell dictates that a person can request their data to be deleted unless there is compelling reason for a business to retain it. Clearswift did a survey of 600 BDMs and 1200 employees, showing about 75% of them would want their information deleted by a business at some point. About half of them said it would have severe repercussions in their business if people did so, and about 5% of BDMs claim it would obliterate their business in general.

RTBF is an extremely challenging aspect of GDPR. Organisations need to balance an understanding of the data landscape in the organisation with a wider knowledge of the day-to-day practices within the business, including the possible pitfalls. For example, if businesses do not have a record of data duplication or are unaware of staff copying data, RTBF requests won’t be conducted correctly. (Dr Guy Bunker, Clearswift)

The fun begins in approximately 170 days.