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Your bank hates you

It seems to me that banks and other financial institutions are nowadays thinking that customers are the necessary evil, and pissing them off is the final obstacle before they can have a good night’s sleep.

The latest development in the banking industry (at least in the part the concerns me) is that I’ve noticed a material sum missing from my checking account. It seems like I’ve bought something very expensive, except it doesn’t show up in the account statement. I’m pretty sure this is just some benevolent efforts to reduce the excess load on the bank’s RDBMS server, but I called them in case they’ve ever planned to give it back.

Unfortunately, this was a Saturday afternoon, and the kind lady on the phone said they can only handle urgent cases. Apparently, losing a bunch of money is only urgent to me, nobody could blame them for having different priorities. Anyhow, called them back on Monday and the clerk came up with some elaborate lie about how the system works and why this whole thing is not a real problem anyway. Oh, and he also happened to wire me some money which was a bit more than I’ve originally lost.

I’m not sure if I’m more concerned about how the bank can relieve me of my money anytime they want, or how they have absolutely no idea about how much was missing exactly.

Why do I even bother?