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This is why you need CRM - 06 December 2017
This post is the offspring of the story of how my bank relieved me of my money. So basically after once again everything seemed to be in order, the call center folks had the audacity to try to sell me a new credit card. [read more]

The right to be forgotten - 05 December 2017
GDPR will be the next big thing in protecting your privacy, while also making companies’ life miserable every now and then. Apparently, the right to be forgotten (RTBF) is a thing now, and the majority of employees actually wants exercise it. [read more]

Your bank hates you - 18 November 2017
It seems to me that banks and other financial institutions are nowadays thinking that customers are the necessary evil, and pissing them off is the final obstacle before they can have a good night’s sleep. [read more]

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